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Liberty Bakery Cafe

Liberty Bakery is a no frills, rustic bakery and coffee shop located on 21st and Main. It’s right around the corner from a few or our favorite clothing boutiques. After hitting the Main Street strip, Tre and I like to come here and grab something sweet before we head home. They have many tempting looking sweets to choose from, it could take you awhile to decide.

Liberty Bakery Cafe

The baked goods are on the little expensive side, however. The portions aren’t that big, but then again I prefer not feeling guilty after noshing on a little sweet treat. One of our favourite pastries is the Brandy Snap. It’s a partially chocolate covered candied wafer filled with cream brandy. It’s awesome and quite addictive. They taste especially good with coffee or an espresso, but the espresso’s here are only so-so though. A little heavy and grainy in texture to our liking.

Liberty Bakery Cafe

The only downfall to this little place is its not a comfortable place to enjoy your sweet treat inside. It’s a bit cramped and hot with very little air circulation. On a nice sunny day, Tre and I usually try to grab one of the few tables outside. The service is also not that great. They can be agonizingly slow to serve you on occasion. Despite that, we like the neighborhood and we like the sweets. It’s what keeps us coming back.

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3699 Main St., Vancouver

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