DinnerJinya Ramen Bar Robson


Jinya Ramen is a California Japanese ramen franchise opening its first Canadian outlet in downtown Vancouver. They serve primarily Tonkotsu (pork broth) ramen, but also have a few other tricks up their sleeve. Although located on Robson, Jinya is on the outskirts (Southeast Downtown) of Vancouver’s Ramen central in the West End.


№ 8507


5 star

99 BottlesHowe Sound Lager


Squamish’ Howe Sound Brewing Lager is a perfect accompaniment to any summer barbecue. The deeply golden, sticky suds serve as a bolder, more flavourful alternative to mainstream lager.

№ 8483

RecipesRibena Lime Soda


Summer heat getting to you? Here’s a quick, refreshing thirst quencher that’s tart and bubbly with just a hint of sweetness.


№ 8184

TakeoutThe Fish Counter


The Fish Counter is what happens when you team up an award winning chef renowned for seafood sustainability, and a marine biologist that help spearhead the Ocean Wise program. Main Street’s latest seafood pantry and neighbourhood takeout offers a variety of fresh seafood, take home to cook items, and a selection of casual takeout menu items. Fish and chips anyone?


№ 8469


4 star

99 BottlesSpeakeasy Scarface Imperial Stout


San Francisco’s Speakeasy Ales & Lagers presents the Scarface Imperial Stout — pours as dark is its namesake’s heart, but has a remarkably chocolate, caramel tone and hoppy finish. The streets is watching.

№ 8452