99 BottlesDriftwood Naughty Hildegard


Driftwood Brewery drops their seasonal ESB bomb christened the Naughty Hildegard: a deep orange hue with big hoppy taste; smooth and bitter sweet.

№ 8570

DinnerD Roti Shak


New Westminster’s D Roti Shak is among a small handful of Caribbean restaurants in the Metro Vancouver area. This Trinidadian outfit serves up uniquely West Indian dishes less familiar to the West Coast including such island treats as Doubles, Phulourie and their namesake dish: the Roti.


№ 8440


4 star

99 Bottles33 Acres of Life


Vancouver’s own 33 Acres Brewing pays homage to the West Coast with the eponymous 33 Acres of Life, a hybrid of lager and ale brewed in the Californian Common style. This deeply amber brew balances a distinct fruitiness with malty finish. At 4.8% ABV the lightness of the beer belies the flavour it packs.

№ 8561

LunchSal Y Limon


Sal Y Limon introduces some Mexican flavour to East Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, offering an assortment of familiar stand-bys like tacos, burritos, sopes, quesadillas and tortas. They take over the space once occupied by the Gold Mills Filipino restaurant, nestled snuggly within Kingsway’s awkwardly positioned strip mall.


№ 8572


3 star

99 BottlesDriftwood Gose-uh


Victoria’s Driftwood releases their Gose-uh, a resuscitated Leipzig German brew: light, golden blonde hue with a distinct tartness and briny, coriander aftertaste. A perfectly flavourful summer brew.

№ 8553