SnacksNew York Muffin Tops from Marketplace IGA

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New York Style Muffin Top

The other day, Case and I were walking by the new Marketplace IGA at West Broadway. We decided to pop in to grab some dessert. As we were perusing the bakery, a lone display caught the corner of my eye. What’s this — Muffin tops? I immediately had flashbacks of the Seinfeld muffin top episode where Mr. Littman become fascinated with Elaine eating only the muffin top and discarding the stumps.

With half disbelief and half curiosity, we picked up a six pack of the blueberry muffin tops — unabashedly branded as “New York” muffin tops. What “New York” muffin tops were doing all the way at a local grocery chain in the Pacific Northwest is beyond me, but we really wanted to find out how these muffin tops tasted.

As soon as we got home, I cracked open the box and snuck a taste. My first impression — lacklustre. It was slightly dry and lacked flavour. Dissapointment sunk in. I then noticed the muffin tops weren’t really muffin tops. They were whole muffins baked all stubby-like to resemble muffin tops. They were imposters.

I then recalled Elaine’s expert opinion regarding muffin tops — you need to bake the whole muffin, then pop the top off. Apparently the “New York” muffin top people failed to heed this sage advice and thus produced a subpar muffin. Great concept. Crappy muffin.

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