Located in Vancouver’s thriving Main Street neighborhood, Locus serves up West Coast style dishes. Normally, we associate West Coast style food with local, but unimaginative dishes that are heavy on presentation and light on flavour. But at Locus, it’s all about the food and the flavors. We were seated in front of a fireplace, which was cool. The ambience was moody with a modern grunge feel to it. Imitation wood trees were used as decor throughout. Dark wooden tables, chairs and booths with dark hardwood floor planks added substance to the atmosphere. Techno music played quietly in the background, loud enough to make the place feel alive, but quiet enough to enjoy a conversation.


There were so many entrees, we had a hard time deciding what to order. Tre settled on the mango pancakes with berry compote and spicy lamb sausage. I opted for the Better than Benny: two poached eggs with English muffin, spinach, red onion, Roma tomato, white cheddar cream sauce, served with Yukon potatoes and mixed organic greens. And since I was starving, I added smoke salmon for an extra $2.50. We also got two cups of coffee to start off our meals

When the coffees came we were pleasantly surprised with freshly made Americano from organic beans. They were great: smooth and not at all bitter. While enjoying our caffeine kick, our entrees arrived. Tre’s mango pancakes were awesome: thin pancakes in a not so round shape with mango chunks smothered in yummy berry compote. We thought the chefs went a bit crazy and gave us too much compote, but other than that — no complaints. The spicy lamb sausage rocked: lean, tender lamb sausage links that had a nice kick. My Better than Benny is really good. The white cheddar cream sauce is nicely paired with smoked salmon and spinach. The eggs were cooked perfectly. The only complaint I have was my English muffin wasn’t toasted enough and parts of it were soggy.  The Yukon potatoes were tasty, as were the chunks of carrots and yams; and the salad dressing accompanied with the organic greens made this salad off the hook.


Both Tre and I polished off our plates clean, which took our waitress by surprise. We decided to order a couple more cups of coffee to get us get through the rest of the day. For two meals, four cups of coffee (they only charge $1 for refills), tax and tips came to just under $35 bucks. Overall, the food is good and the service is decent. We would definitely come back.

Perfect For:

Classic breakfast dishes executed with an interesting twist that actually taste good.

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4121 Main St. Vancouver

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