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!Jonker Street has closed and re-opened and rebranded as Fresh Bowl serving similar cuisine.

Jonker Street

(Clockwise from Left to Right: 1. Jonker Street. 2. Laksa. 3. Daily Specials)

Jonker Street Restaurant is named after a famous street in Malacca, Malaysia — a crossroads of cultures where Malay, Chinese and Indian traders exchanged spices and recipes to create unique dishes influenced by all three cultures. Jonker Street can now be found on the edge of Yaletown on Pacific Boulevard, where diners are swept away — if only for a brief moment — from the yapping little dogs and luxury SUVs to the exotic market stalls of Malaysia.

Jonker Street

(Top to Bottom: 1. Hainanese Chicken. 2. Roti Canai)

No Malaysian menu would be complete without the famed Hainanese Chicken, which Case ordered: a boiled chicken served with fragrant rice steamed in chicken stock and served with a side of the signature chili and ginger sauce. The chicken is as expected, tender and juicy; and the rice is steeped in a beautifully subtle flavour infused with the chicken stock, garlic and ginger.

I ordered the Laksa, a bowl of rice noodles swimming in a fragrant, spicy coconut milk broth with generous portions of prawns, fish ball, fish cake and topped with fresh bean sprouts. The broth is subtle, with just a tiny kick of spice — perfect for those that require a more gentler introduction to Malaysian spices.

Case and I shared a Roti Canai, an Indian influenced flat bread that’s about as light and flaky as Paris Hilton — but ultimately much more palatable. It’s served with a side of delicious curry sauce for dipping — or as we more often do: drenching. Dinner  set us back about $25 for two dishes and an appetizer which would make Jonker Street one of the best bargains in Yaletown.

Perfect for:

Seeking refuge in the ultimate Yaletown oasis and settling with some nice, authentic modern Malaysian fare.

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1128 Pacific Blvd, Vancouver

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