SnacksGreen Tea Kit Kat (Part Deux)


Konbiniya is a quaint little store on Robson. It’s a mish mash of Japanese groceries, video rental and Internet cafe that caters to overseas Japanese students and the occasional brave tourist. I like to drag Tre here once in awhile to pick up some yummy snacks. They have a huge variety of interesting chips, cookies and frozen treats. I had come here in hopes of finding a certain kind of Glico Pretz that a friend had brought us from Shanghai. They were so good that Tre and I have been looking for them ever since — but nope — not here. We ended up grabbing something else and was paying for it when we noticed the Green Tea Kit Kat at the counter.

We meet again. The last Green Tea Kit Kat we had was great. This one looked different. The packaging looked low budget compared to the previous Grean Tea Kit Kat — perhaps  they were trying to save money on the marketing for this one. We were debating whether to try it since it looked unappealing, but we’ve been having a hard time finding the previous Kit Kat since we last posted. They seem to be sold out.

This one appears to have been sitting on the counter like forever until we opened it. Instead of the dark chocolately outside and subtle minty green on the inside, this Kit Kat was coated with a nauseating hospital green colour. There’s nothing special about this. It doesn’t taste like green tea; more like cheap white chocolate with a slightly weird grainy texture which could be the matcha, but probably isn’t. We’ll stick to the other one. The verdict: this Kit Kat belongs back in the box.

The Details

1240 Robson Street, Vancouver

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