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Tre and I are always checking out the snack section at the Asian supermarket, T&T. We’re curious about what new and innovative snacks are being enjoyed overseas. Of course, it’s a hit and miss. Sometimes you get something great and sometimes it’s just plain nasty — and believe me, we’ve seen and tasted some weird stuff out there.

One day we were walking down the candy aisle when something caught Tre’s eye. Green Tea Kit Kat. That seemed kind of crazy. But there it was — the Japanese edition — packaged in a nice little black box with a hefty price tag of just under $3 bucks. The packaging was slick and sophisticated and the green tea and chocolate combination intrigued us, so we picked up a box.

Upon first taste, there isn’t anything remarkably different abut this Kit Kat from your regular North American one. The center is a green tea chocolate mixture and everything else is pretty much the same: same texture, same crunch, same chocolate coating. I find this Kit Kat to be a bit lighter than the regular one, however, and I actually prefer it. And there’s something magical about the green tea flavour mixed with chocolate — it tastes just perfect. After devouring the Kit Kat we were pretty disappointed to find there were only four pieces in a box (it comes in two foiled wrapped pairs). The experienced left us wanting more.

We noticed the Kit Kats also comes in an apple flavour and a curious nut flavour. The packaging is in Japanese so we couldn’t say for sure, but it appears to be an image of an hazelnut. Not wanting to ruin the experience of our new find, we decided to save those flavour choices for another day.

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Available at your local T&T Supermarket

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