SnacksMelona Banana Flavoured Ice Bar


Tre and I don’t often eat ice cream or any frozen desserts on a stick. But the banana flavoured Melona Ice Bars are no ordinary frozen treat. We don’t even like banana flavoured anything, we only eat bananas occasionally because they’re good for you. But today, we happen to be grocery shopping at T&T when we pass the food-tasting kiosk. The poor lady was cutting up pieces of frozen ice bars and handing out samples to the swarm of freeloaders who were devouring them. They were also snatching up boxes of them like there was no tomorrow.

Curious as to what all the hubbub was about, we waded into the sea of flailing arms. As we got closer, we began to recognize the boxes. It was these popsicles we use to eat as kids — and apparently they’ve come back. Happy and excited, we decided to grab a box and try them out again — hoping our fond childhood memories wouldn’t be shattered.

Those fears, however, were unfounded — the banana flavoured treats are just as yummy as we remembered: creamy with lightly fragrant hint of bananas with just a touch of sweetness. As a great dessert that’s a lower fat alternative, I highly recommend the Melona banana flavoured popsicles. They also come in strawberry and honey dew — but the banana is the classic.

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Available at your local T&T Supermarket

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