ManagementTwo Year

Another year has flown by quickly, so quickly that we had missed Noshwell’s two year anniversary mark this April 4th. Tre and I are truly having fun writing this blog and sharing our favorite restaurants and stories with all of our readers, family and friends. 

Thank you, to all of our faithful readers who have followed us from the beginning, and our new readers as well. We will be banging out some exciting projects shortly. But for now, here again, are our top 5 most memorable* meals (in no particular order) this past year.

1. Brave Bull’s House of Steaks
2. Original Hotcake and Steak House
3. Judas Goat Taberna
4. Nook
5. Maenam

* By most memorable, we don’t mean the best restaurants, but through a combination of food, friends and circumstance, meals we personally enjoyed the most.

Happy Noshing,

Case & Tre

— ♠ —