SnacksCoffee Milk Kit Kat


Here’s another new member of the Kit Kat family — Coffee Milk Kit Kat. It’s a delicious, white chocolate coated wafer infused with coffee flavoring. The coffee tastes very much like instant coffee mixed with milk. We don’t like instant coffee, but this is a Kit Kat, so we’re not talking about gourmet chocolate, either. This Kit Kat is good. And if you like Coffee Crisp, then you might want to give this one a try.

The Coffee Milk Kit Kat comes in just under $2.30 for 4 pieces. A word of warning though, the coffee taste is surprisingly intense and will even give you coffee breath. It’s a good idea to have a stick of gum ready.

Perfect for: a nice, light coffee break.

The Details

Candy Land
Aberdeen Centre
4400 Hazelbridge Way Richmond

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