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Original Hotcake and Steak House

The Original Hotcake and Steakhouse, located on Southeast Powell Boulevard in Portland is a landmark greasy spoon that has been around for decades. They’ve been serving patrons carbolicious dishes 24-7 for some 50 odd years. It’s cool to see these guys are still dishing it out after all this time.

Original Hotcake and Steak House
(Clockwise: 1. What’s a greasy spoon without a board with handwritten Specials? 2. Jam on it. 3. Hotcakes drenched in straweberry sauce.)

The decor certainly looks like it’s been around since the 50’s, but it appears to be well taken care of. A juke box is stationed in the corner near the front entrance and is playing hard rock. A little Metallica before breakfast? The place was buzzing.

Before you order, though, there are rules. You order first, pay, then sit (no saving seats before ordering). Lineup starts at the left. The atmosphere is similar to Bon’s off  Broadway. It’s not a place to f*ck around, but still has a family type vibe. We quickly put in our orders and grabbed our seats.

Original Hotcake and Steak House
(Clockwise. 1. Hotcakes, dripping with pats of butter. 2. Even the Hotcake has has a Facebook fan page. 3. Chorizo scramble.)

I was here for the original, so ordered two hotcakes. Tre opted for eggs over easy with sausage, hash browns and toast. Our partners in crime ordered a chorizo scramble, two hotcakes drenched in strawberry puree, and two eggs and hotcakes.

The hotcakes were huge and were light and fluffy. Tre’s eggs were decent, and the hash browns were shaved into long, thin strips like Fettuccini — crispy and flavorful. These guys at Hotcake house don’t skimp on the portions.

Original Hotcake and Steak House

Not satisfied with the atmosphere, our friend Steve decided to be funny and play DJ with the jukebox to entertain us. His set started of with the always popular La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin. This was by no means a Ricky Martin crowd — and neither were we. It was a good thing we were seated near the entrance in case we needed to make a quick getaway. For some reason, Steve’s other pick, Everybody Dance Now by C+C Music Factory, mysteriously didn’t play.

Our meals were hearty and satisfying. Including tip (no tax), plus two cups of Joe came to $15, a great deal in Portland. The entertainment provided by Steve made our experience all the more memorable. Places like Hotcake House add substance and charm to any city.

Perfect for: Loaded Carbolicious meals 24 hours a day, with do-it-yourself music entertainment.

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1002 Southeast Powell Boulevard, Portland

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