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Located on the West Side of Vancouver is Tachia Bakery and Deli, a rare find. It’s a Taiwanese bakery that sits on a corner along a block of stores in a residential area across the street from an ICBC claim centre. Tachia Bakery is a dive — a complete hole in the wall that might scare off reluctant bystanders or passerbys. But the bakery is full of goodies, Taiwanese goodies — if that’s your thing.

(Top to bottom: 1. Some interesting baked goods including ones with smiling faces. 2. Some cookies with almond slivers.)

The front of the store is small. Counters of steamed buns are bagged and waiting to be brought home. That is Tachia’s speciality — steamed buns. They carry an assortment: whole wheat, Shanghai, marble colored, meat and some sweets for the sweet. In the back, we can see a few grandmas covered in flour and getting a workout from rolling the dough. The middle of the store has a small table holding a variety of cooked foods.

The cooked food is what we’re here for. There are Taiwanese fried noodles filled in plastic containers: well seasoned fried vermicelli noodles with slivers of carrots, cabbage and bean curd. It’s not fancy. But it’s only $3 and it was decent. Their pan fried pot stickers are seriously yummy, addictive actually. The dumplings are filled with noodles and chives, saran wrapped and served on a styrofoam tray. Tachia also has fried rice, deep fried red bean pancakes, marinated seaweed, bean curds, marinated bamboo shoots, colorful rice cakes, all of which are packed and ready to go.

(Top to bottom: 1. Ready to eat snacks in plastic containers. 2. Ridiculously tasty homemade dumplings filled with noodles.)

For just under $12, Tre and I walked out with two plastic containers of fried noodles, 10 piece pot stickers and a coconut bun. Cheap and tasty. The owner, a cute little old long haired lady watched politely as I poked at some of the buns to see if they were fresh. She was kind enough not to complain. There is a certain comfort coming to obscure mom and pop shops like these that add a quirky personality to the neighborhood.

Perfect for: a nice packed lunch that’s not made by mom.

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4111 MacDonald Street, Vancouver

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