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Meinhardt Cafe on Granville street is located right next to the upscale grocery store that bears the same name. We had stopped by the market to pick up a few items and decided to pop in to the cafe to take a quick break.

(Above: Grilled, garden fresh, vegetable panini.)

The front window displays a tantalizing selection of baked sweets and goodies with a delectable row of sandwiches. We selected a grilled vegetable panini with a medley of roasted red, yellow peppers, eggplant, zucchini, cheese and a bit of greens. A hot cup of americano accompanies our panini while we bask out in the sun.

Our server had thoughtfully plated our shared panini separately. Each with a slice of grapefruit and a green garnish for a pop of color. The panini exuded personality with a nice combination of sweet and salty from the grilled vegetables and cheese. And the warm panini bread had a nice, crusty crunch from being grilled. The americano was decent and hit the spot as a quick pick me up.

(Above: A cup of americano is the perfect accompaniment to any meal.)

Our bill including one bottled water, taxes and tips came to $15. A respectable amount for what we ordred.  The servers were friendly and our meal was delicious. The big bonus is people watching while dining on their outdoor seating in the sunshine.

Perfect for: A quick break on the run.

The Details

3002 Granville Street, Vancouver

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