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Marble Slab Creamery, a Texan franchise, is part of the redevelopment that has been happening along the West Broadway corridor near Cambie over the past few years. I’ve always found Ice Cream joints a curiously popular phenomenon in Vancouver. But Marble Slab brings a little twist with a fancy, frozen marble slab.

(Above: Marble Slab’s Rock Road — Chocolate Swiss with Chocolate Chips, Marshmallows & Walnuts.)

Inside, two stations sit side by side — first, a row of home made ice cream in tubs just chilling next to the marble slab station stocked with a mise en place of various toppings. I went plain jane and ordered a straight up Chocolate Swiss on a waffle cone.

Case ordered a Rocky Road. Now, my Chocolate Swiss was good — rich, creamy with a smooth texture, not frozen at all. But, the real magic began with the mix of Case’s Rocky Road. A meticulously weighed scoop of ice cream was placed on a marble slab. Scoops of chocolate chips, marshmallows, and walnuts were ladled onto the shapeless lump of ice cream and expertly mixed with a scoop and spatula.

The resulting concoction — an indulgent ice cream mix that’s smooth and highlighted by chunks of hidden candy treasure.

(Above: Marble Slab staff are mixing it up.)

Our frozen treats came to just under $13 for two child size waffle cones, which felt really price for a couple of ice cream cones. The ice cream was good, but what you’re likely footing the bill for is the novelty of freshly hand mixed ice cream on a gigantic marble slab. Nice as an indulgence every once in a while, but certainly nothing we’d make a habit.

Perfect for: some seriously pimped out ice cream.

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541 West Broadway, Vancouver

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