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Hong Kong Cafeteria

I was in the mood for some home style Taiwanese food, so we decided to hit Taiwanese Classical Cuisine in the Richmond Public Market. To our surprise it was closed for the holiday. Disappointed and hungry, we turned our attention to its neighbor, Hong Kong Cafeteria. We’ve been curious about this spot in the past. Its bright yellow sign, and somewhat tasty looking pictures make it looked promising. A promise not to return that is.

Hong Kong Cafeteria

After taking a few moments to decide what to order, Tre chose curry beef brisket on rice. I went against my instinct and decided on tomato and beef on rice. I didn’t have a great vibe about this place. The guy that took our order didn’t seem keen on helping us. In fact, he didn’t even say a word, simply gestured. He gave the impression he was surprised we were even ordering here in the first place. It was weird. After waiting for about 10 minutes for our (not-so-fast) food, I was wondering what they are doing. It’s not busy, so what the h*ll taking so long?

When our food is finally ready, it doesn’t look so good. Tre’s curry beef brisket has a sickly colour. The beef is not the brisket that the photograph promised, but is thinly slices of dry beef mixed with onions on a large bed of rice. My tomato and beef consists of thinly slices of funky dry beef with corn, peas and tomatoes on a large bed of rice. It was not good at all. The only good part of our meal is the can of coke to help wash down the first few bites.

My recommendation: if the place isn’t busy, it’s probably not a good sign. If your gut tells you to run away, it’s probably a good idea.

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Richmond Public Market
2390-8260 Westminster Highway

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