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This tasty joint is located upstairs in the food fair of the Richmond Public Market — home style Taiwanese food served at cheap prices. Tre and I come here once in awhile whenever we feel like some home cooked food. This isn’t your typical public market, however. With run down, messy fruit stands scattered about; a bakery that has some yummy old school sweets; questionable looking meat shops — um, I wouldn’t buy meat here; a florist that’s sorely lacking in floral selection and some strange looking shops that sells who knows what or why.

Upstairs is the food fair with various Asian fast food specialties. It appears to be a popular place with the locals — cheap eats and quick food on the go seem to be the norm. You can tell which ones are popular by the lineups, and Classical Taiwanese Cuisine just happens to be one of them.

Tre and I have our usual orders. For me — the stewed beef with rice and two sides. The sides vary each day: eggs scrambled with tomato bits, seasoned bean sprouts and steamed, and seasoned peanuts are just some of the choices. Tre likes the noodle soup with Tawainese fried chicken on the side. The chicken can be slightly greasy some times. My rice bits tend to be on the harder side than I normally like, but Tre assures me this is how Taiwanese rice is. We don’t mind coming here — the food isn’t half bad and the service is actually decent considering it’s fast food and we don’t speak the language.

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Richmond Public Market Food Fair
1880–8260 Westminster Hwy, Richmond

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