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Subeez for Dinner

Now that playoff season is upon us (Go Canucks Go), one thing to consider is the all important pre-game meal. If you’re watching at GM Place, may we suggest Subeez. Dinners at Subeez isn’t always a sure thing. For some reason the service and the food has been inconsistent, unlike their breakfasts. But we hoped Subeez would be able to redeem themselves. We’re pretty hyped up for the game and having some good food before hand would make the night more pleasant.

Subeez for Dinner

Tre and I didn’t feel like having a big meal, so we ordered some appys to share. Our first pick was the nachos. I’m a little leery when it comes to ordering nachos at a restaurant after our horrific experience at Knight & Day (shudder). But, nevertheless, I reminded myself that we were at Subeez, and won’t likely be served a pile of disgusting slop on an oversized tortilla. Tre chose phyllo prawns: lightly battered deep fried phyllo prawns served with a side of sweet and sour sauce. And for our caffeine fix, we had a couple cups of Subeez’ awesome coffee.

The nachos were good (I was relieved). They were fresh and toasted just right with all the proper toppings. Mind you, these nachos weren’t mind blowing, but definitely good enough to order again to satisfy those cravings for salty snacks. The phyllo prawns were fantastic. They were uniquely encrusted in crumbled phyllo pastry instead of the typical breadcrumbs, lightly battered, and fried to perfection.

Our meals and service were good this time around and were happy Subeez sent us on our way with our bellies happily full and not disappointed.

Perfect For: Drinks and appetizers like the phyllo prawns, the yummy hummus and the best yam fries ever.

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891 Homer Street, Vancouver

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