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Deacon's Corner

Deacon’s Corner, a new old school diner, is aiming to bring a little bit of personality to the far edges of Gastown. They serve classic diner style breakfasts at reasonable prices to an up and coming, but still sketchy part of town.

What if you could dine at a future classic diner; one that still has the freshly-painted new restaurant smell? Well, it might be a little something like Deacon’s Corner — a restaurant with all the character of an old-school diner, but appears to have been hermetically sealed for several decades: complete with checkered tiles, swivel bar stools and squeaky clean condiment baskets at each table.

Deacon's Corner

The dining room is filled with a melange of Main street hipsters, local construction workers, business men and some folks that look like they may have simply wandered in by mistake. It was busy.

Case ordered the french toast with daily fruit compote. I wanted to check out the eggs and sausage, but couldn’t pass up the biscuit and country gravy. The waitress helpfully suggested that if I wanted both, I should really be ordering the hungry man sausage and biscuit meal. I didn’t disagree.

The french toast portions were generous — they used three gigantic, thick cut french bread and dunked it in a bath of cinammon egg batter. It was good. The fruit compote, however, was only so-so — nothing special.

My hungry man breakfast was — for a very hungry man: three eggs over easy, three homemade sausage patties, hasbrowns, and three biscuits slathered in country gravy. Jenny Craig would not approve. The eggs were well-cooked, but the sausages were a bit dry, and the hash was okay. The biscuits and gravy, however, were the stars.

At under $30 with taxes and tips, our meal wasn’t as much as a bargain as we had expected. To be fair, the portions are ridiculous. Regardless, any restaurant that brings simple, home cooked food to the city is a welcomed addition.

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A decent breakfast at a decent price for lost and wayward souls that accidentally find themselves on the border of Gastown and the Downtown Eastside.

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101 Main Street, Vancouver

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