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Guu with  Garlic

Guu with Garlic picks up where the original Guu left off; it’s a little bit more modern, the crowd a bit younger, and the food more contemporary. If Guu is the O.G., with food and atmosphere grounded in tradition and comfort, then Guu with Garlic is the young blood — scrappy and eager to show the world its new tricks.

Guu with  Garlic

Together with our friends, Case and I were about to pull off something not recommended for dining at any Guu on a weekend, arriving unannounced with a large party — in this case, seven adults plus two kids in tow. This could have easily been a train wreck waiting to happen, but the (mostly) young staff were up to the task and gladly arranged our seating with the deftness of a Tetris master.

At first glance, the menu at Guu with Garlic looked familiar. But upon closer inspection, you will notice classics such as Cha Han and Bacon Asparagus noticeably absent. Instead, we were treated to a wonderful selection of contemporary Japansese tapas: chicken wings in sweet soy sauce glaze, tender pork cheeks, a revision of their famed braised pork, deep fried shrimp wrapped in bean curd, and lightly seared tuna sprinkled with deep fried garlic chips.

As expected, the food was seasoned perfectly to accompany all sorts of alcoholic beverages. We had a few bottles of Asahi to complete our meal. Our only disappointment was a daily special dish: the pike mackeral, which was decently cooked — but left an exceptionally bitter after taste, and a mouthful of microscopic bones. Everything else, however, was perfectly excecuted.

Guu with  Garlic

Now, I wouldn’t go so far as to recommend Guu with Garlic as a “child-friendly” establishment, but in addition to the two younglings at our table, we noticed a number of other young families in the room. The staff were extremely patient and courteous — without even a hint of panic on their faces. Although the dining room and kitchen was a sea of organized chaos, our food was always on point and the staff were the picture of calm and courtesy which let us do what we came to do: enjoy a wonderful dinner with drinks and good friends.

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Throwing back some beers with a few dishes of contemporary Japanese tapas on a Friday night (or any night for that matter).

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1698 Robson St, Vancouver

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