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Cockney Kings is a a fish and chip shop located in a strip mall complex just off Columbia Street in New Westminster. Case and I tried dining here on a previous occasion, but was greeted by a 20 minute wait. This place must be popular.

(Top to bottom: 1. Beer. Okanagan Spring 1516 to be precise. 2. Or Pig’s Ear in cockney slang, though I’d have trouble ordering it as such without getting a weird look.)

The dining room is full of light wood all over. Off to the side of the entrance is the open kitchen with vats of hot oil frying up all sorts of greasy goodness: fish, chips, oysters, prawns — I wonder if they do Mars bars? On the tables is a setting with a paper placemat that has translations of cockney slang printed all over.

The menu is relatively straight forward with an assortment of fried seafood including the classic fish served with chips. Case and I ordered a seafood platter to share: cod, oysters, prawn and chips. For the heck of it, we threw in an order of mush peas. I figured I’d also needed a pint of beer (Okanagan Springs 1516) for good measure.

(Top to bottom: 1. An assortment of deep fried, seafood goodness: cod, oysters, prawns and chips. 2. Really, really mushy peas.)

The cod was really nice: flaky, lightly battered and crispy on the outside. As were the prawns, which were particularly juicy. The oysters had an unusually dark batter, but was still lightly crispy, and wasn’t overcooked. The chips were nicely fried and lightly golden. There was a bit of contention with the mush peas, though. First off, it looked like ass. Case wasn’t too fond of it, preferring Pajo’s mushy peas, but I kind of liked it — it had a buttery, nutty flavour.

Our meal came to $24 including taxes and tips, which is a pretty good deal. We noticed they also offered an all you can eat menu during the early part of the week. But that just sounds like a bad idea. We’ll stick to the regular menu thank you very much.

Perfect for: Deep fried stuff.

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1005 Columbia Street, New Westminster

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