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You’d think that living in a coastal city, like Vancouver, in a country founded by Brits, we’d be practically tripping over all the fish and chip shops. But they aren’t all that easy to come by. Luckily for us, perched on a floating pile of wood in Steveston Harbour, Richmond, there’s Pajo’s — home to some fine fish and chips.

(Above: Deep-fried cod and chips in all its glorious, greasy, goodness.)

Pajo’s on the Wharf has the envious advantage of being right by (or in) the waters, which makes it a kick-ass location to visit at the first hint summer. Fish and chips taste that much better when you’re eating it out in the open patio, mere inches away from where the fish was probably caught.

The menu is super simple: Cod, Salmon or Halibut, with your choice of how many pieces you want. They also serve burgers — but if you order a burger I’ll club you over the head with rolled up, leftover newspapers. Case and I usually order a two and a half piece Cod (I wonder what happened to the other half?) with chips. The Cod is moist and tender and is encrusted in a thin layer of crispy batter. It’s served in a newsprint cone over a bed of crispy chips which happen to fit neatly into the holes of plastic foot stools scattered throughout the patio. Make sure to ask for tartar sauce, if that’s your thing. We like to accompany our meal with a nice, cold peach drink — drink, mind you, because whatever it is, it wouldn’t be accurate to call it juice.

Our meal set us back just under $15 for the two of us, which is a bargain if you also consider the floating shack a boat ride.

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Enjoying fresh seafood al fresco while basking in the glorious summer sun — all 10 minutes of it.

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