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There are fewer and fewer push cart style dim sum restaurants these days. The traditional method has mostly been replaced with service by a piece of paper and pencil. But Golden Ocean Seafood in Kerrisdale is still kicking it old school on Vancouver’s Westside.

Golden Ocean Seafood is located on the second floor, and is pretty easy to miss if you weren’t looking for it. A tight door way leads into a spacious restaurant. The decor is — ok, there isn’t one, really. However, the tables are covered with white linen, the dishes are clean, and so are the chopsticks. So far so good.

(Top to bottom: 1. Shrimp and Tofu balls. 2. Chicken Feet.)

A dim sum tally sheet lays on the table with an early bird special stamp of 20% off. The discount was unexpected given the neighborhood, but we were happy to take it. We ordered a variety of dishes: chicken feet, spareribs, steamed barbecue pork buns, steamed sweet custard buns, Sui Mai, fried rice rolls, and egg tarts.

All the dishes were flavorful and tasted good, except for the fried rice rolls, which were dry and crusty. The pale white rice noodles had a light yellow tinge with dried out green onions slivers. It tasted like how it looked — blah. Perhaps, not enough oil and love put into this?

(Clockwise: 1. Spare Ribs. Classic. 2. Pan-fried rice rolls. 3. Steamed custard buns.)

Our bill came to just under $45 including taxes and tips. Split four ways amongst friends, it was a great deal. The service is better than most dim sum restaurants. The waiters cleared our dirty plates and provided clean ones partway through the meal and they regularly checked our teapots. The food is pretty solid at Golden Ocean, and is now one of our go to spots for dim sum.

Perfect for: Dim Sum on the Westsiiiiiide.

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2046 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver

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