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I have mentioned before how I like Subeez’s coffee. It’s a good cup of strong americano with a slight frothy foam on the top. I could drink cups of this if I didn’t get the caffeine jitters after awhile. Not only does Subeez makes a good cup of coffee, they make a pretty decent breakfast — most of the time.

Tre and I like coming here for brunch on the weekends. Subeez has cafeteria type booths with a laid back industrial ambiance. Music is pumping and makes you wanna get up get jiggy with it. It could get you hyped up or just simply annoyed. If you have hangover from the night before, or a headache, I wouldn’t recommend coming here. The loud music could seriously aggravate you if you’re not in the mood. Tre and I are night owls, so sleepy heads like us could use a few loud tunes to wake us.

Tre and I have tried a number of the dishes here and although they’re all fairly decent, we have a few favorites. Tre likes to get the 4oz steak and eggs. It’s steak, eggs, hash browns and toast. I am not much of meat eater, but I like a good steak once in awhile. Surprisingly, many restaurants can’t cook a steak medium rare. There’s nothing worse than over cooked steak that tastes and feels like rubber — not that I know what rubber taste like. But these guys got it down pat. Grilled tenderly with a slight charcoal smoky taste, and seasoned just right. The hash browns are not bad, seasoned pieces of potatoes with a slight crisp on the outside.

Subeez for Breakfast

I usually get beans and rice: Basmati rice, beans, one poached egg, cheese, salsa and sour cream. I love this dish! I could eat this every morning. Our waitress mentioned this comfort dish as one of her favourite cures for a hangover. Other honorable mentions are: the veggie burger, chicken and brie sandwich, french toast, the yummy fries and of course the yummy garlic mayo.

Tre and I used to come here a lot more before they got a new head chef and the staff changed. The food used to be more consistent, and so was the service; the staff was much more friendlier. Now, we’re lucky if we even get the occasional smile — or cutlery to eat with our meals. We still like to come for the laid back atmosphere. So hopefully the new head chef and staff will keep working to improve and bring back the old Subeez.

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891 Homer Street, Vancouver

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