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Tre and I love sushi! But there are only a few spots we eat at and The Eatery is one of them. We love their unconventional way of making sushi, the funky atmosphere, and the awesome tunes they usually have blaring while you’re dining. The mood is alive, but dark. You won’t find many lights on around here — great for the environment. Candles are lit up in beer bottles and placed on all the tables throughout the dining room. The ambiance is romantic yet dark with retro pieces meticulously placed throughout.

When they closed down Luv a Fair night club way back in the day, I was pretty choked. Tuesday nights were 80’s nights and the place was kicking. I haven’t found a place since where I could reminisce with the awesome tunes they once played. That is, until we found the Eatery. They don’t always play 80’s tunes every night. So don’t worry if you’re not into it. There’s a good mix of various tunes. It just so happens when we go here on Saturday nights, 80’s music is blasting and everyone is having a good time.

Plates that we highly recommend are the Captain Crunch, a California roll with unagi mayo, tempura style. Yep, this baby is deep fried and super deelish. The Mango tuna roll is tuna, mango and avocado. Very Refreshing. The marinated tuna, or tuna tataki is tuna marinated in a yummy sauce with pieces of asparagus. Instead of the usual deep fried potato croquettes, The Eatery replaces the familiar potato with butternut squash: Sweet, tasty, crispy and not at all greasy. Finally, their pork gyozas are pan fried to perfection. I don’t know what’s in them, but they taste much better than your average gyozas.

The Eatery also sell some cute t-shirts, with the same funky personality as the restaurant. For about 20 bucks I got a t-shirt that has Hello Kitty with KISS makeup throwing up the rock sign in the air. Its say Miso Horny. Too cute to pass up.

The staff here are friendly. This is a great spot to get together with a bunch of friends, or to bring a date. The Eatery dubs itself as the “funkiest place for japanese food,” and they definitely hit the mark with the perfect combination of great off the wall sushi, kitschy decor, and awesome tunes. Come early if you can. Line ups are usually out the door.

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3431 West Broadway, Vancouver

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