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Chili Pepper House

Vancouver is well known for both its Chinese and its Indian food thanks in part to our large immigrant communities. Less well known, however, is Chinese-Indian cuisine. India, in particular Calcutta, has a significant immigrant Chinese population. As with most immigrant populations, the Chinese in India cook their familiar homeland dishes, but adapted the dishes using local ingredients.

Don’t confuse this with fusion food. It isn’t some chef’s pretentious attempt to marry two styles of cooking that they’re unfamiliar with in some lame attempt to invent some nouveau cuisine. This is honest, home cooked meals made by industrious immigrants using cooking techniques from their homeland with ingredients native to their adopted country. The result is wonderfully tasty flavours that are both familiar and new.

Tre and I first got a sampling from the Chili Pepper House at a friend’s house, which the restaurant partially catered. Instantly, the flavours became noticeable and addictive: familiar Chinese dishes cooked with fragrant Indian spices.

Chili Pepper House

Tre and I have tried a number of dishes and they’re all delicious, but we have our favourites. Vegetables Pakoras with Chutney are a must try; Masala Fried Rice, which is a mixture of spices, chicken, shrimp and rice; Garlic Fish, sweet and spicy; Chili Pepper House Okra and Cauliflower, which are deep fried with spices; deep fried Phoenix Prawns; Indian Style Hakka Chow Mein; sweet Singapore style vermicelli with chicken and shrimp and the list goes on and on.

We like our plates really spicy, so the proprietors give our dishes an extra kick. A word of warning, many of the dishes — including vegetable dishes — are deep fried and smothered in rich sauces which some may find heavy. However, the highly addictive sauces and spices keep us wanting more. The atmosphere isn’t anything special, kind of boring really, but Tre and I often do take out anyway. The extra 15% off for takeout is a bonus.

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1 3003 Kingsway, Vancouver

12790 96 Ave, Surrey

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