SnacksHazelnut Kit Kat

[rating: 2]

It might seem like Tre and I have a little obsession with Kit Kats, but we don’t. There seem to be some of the oddest flavours that happen to involve Kit Kats, which peaks our curiosity. We just haven’t been brave enough to try them all yet.

This hazelnut Kit Kat in particular, had caught my eye. Since I like chocolates that contain nuts in it and the fact that this Kit Kat had a large image of a hazelnut on the package, I was intrigued. As I started munching on one, I realized the Kit Kat didn’t taste any different. I’m not sure if they had forgotten to put the hazelnuts in this particular one. I inspected it, but nope-no hazelnuts here. The good news is–it tastes OK. Not like the banana one which we recently wrote about; it still gives me the shivers just thinking about it. Overall, I would save my money on this one and get the Green Tea Kit Kat instead.

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