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So what make’s a good breakfast? Well prepared eggs? Perfectly made toast? A hot cup of joe? In the case of Bon’s Off Broadway — it’s the cheap prices and rough around the edges ambience. We came here based on a recommendation from a friend. She also recommended that we get there early because it gets busy — fast.

Upon arrival, we’re greeted by the raucous melody of Sweet Child O’ Mine from Guns ‘n Roses blasting at top volume — not exactly typical dining music. Case and I were getting the uneasy impression that we weren’t in Kansas anymore. A line of half a dozen people waiting for a seat was already forming in the front.

You know that feeling when you walk in somewhere and realize that you feel completely out of place; you feel all of a sudden very conspicuous. All eyes are on you: the interlopers; the intruders; the fucking tourists. That’s the feeling Case and I got. We debated slinking away the front door with our tail firmly between our legs, but decided against it for fear of calling attention to ourselves. Instead, we indicated to the hostess/server/head cracker that we wanted a table for two. She informed us that it would be a few minutes.

Once seated, we ordered two cups of coffee. I ordered the breakfast special — Two eggs, over easy with hash browns, toast and two sausages — all this for under $4. Case ordered a Ukrainian breakfast which consisted of eggs, perogies and Ukrainian sausage.

When our food arrived, it looked like your typical greasy spoon breakfast. My eggs were a little overcooked, but it was generally pretty good. Case, on the other hand, was more like WTF. The eggs and toast were only so-so; but the perogies were sad, wrinkled pockets of mashed potato and tasted like they were cooked from frozen; and the miserly slices of Ukrainian sausage were disappointingly paper thin.

Bon’s is as well known for its unruly patrons and roughneck staff as it is for their cheap food and large portions. It’s part of the ambience; which makes for a very interesting dining experience and strangely draws us back for another kick at the can.

UPDATE: After kicking the cans a few times, we’ve found Bon’s to be a close-knit community made up of regular neighborhood patrons. The staff of this family-run business are super friendly; and despite the organized chaos that will inevitably ensue upon arrival, somehow it just all seems to work. Vancouver could use more places like this.

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2451 Nanaimo St., Vancouver

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