Solly’s is a bakery and deli that, according to their website, offers a variety of traditional Jewish baked goods and deli items. They’re usually known for their bagels, and although the bagels are decent–it’s Solly’s cinnamon rolls that keep me coming back.

Their cinnamon rolls are different from others, which are frequently loaded with icing sugar or drowned in a glaze of some sort — a complete sugar overkill. Solly’s cinnamon rolls, on the other hand, have a caramelized coating that give it a unique crunch when you bite into it. The cinnamon rolls are huge and Tre and I usually share one. It’s enough to give my sweet tooth the fix it needs every once in awhile. Ok — maybe more than once in awhile. But I figure since I don’t have any cavities — eat on.

We’ve also tried Solly’s other baked goods: Mini rugolehs and chocolate chip banana bread. The chocolate chip banana bread was strangely unique: topped with large amounts of cinnamon and chocolate chips. I found it heavy and it had too much cinnamon for my liking.

The cinnamon rolls are just under $3 bucks each — but they’re huge. The chocolate chip banana bread was also just under $3 bucks, but I felt was a rip off for what it was. I’m not particularly fond of the service at this location. It’s hard to feel comfortable when without so much as a greeting, the cashier’s eyes follow you as you browse the baked goods. Even though Solly’s cinnamon rolls are good, the service could use some tweaking.

Perfect for: Awesome cinnamon rolls to go with a cup of hot java.

The Details:

189 East 28th Ave, Vancouver

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