SnacksIsland Farms Mango Ice Cream from T&T


Island Farms Mango Ice Cream

Okay, for all the ice cream lovers out there, this is one ice cream you have to try. I’ve never been really big on ice cream and honestly I never understood what the hype was all about. It’s ice and cream being mushed together and it’s really really cold.

But one of my gal pals had raved about this ice cream in particular. She knows I don’t really like ice cream but was pretty certain I would like this one. So hey why not try? The first thing I noticed was that this ice cream is very smooth in texture. It’s easy to scoop and doesn’t freeze into a block of ice like most. The flavour itself really does taste like mango. And I really like mango. It’s got the creamiest texture I’ve ever tasted in a ice cream. Eating this ice cream is like having a bunch of endorphins rushing through your body. Needless to say, Tre and I finished the bucket in about a week.

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Available at various T&T Supermarkets

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