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Les Faux Bourgeois Cafe

Les Faux Bourgeois Cafe is a coffee bar in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood, right next door to the restaurant of the same name. Ever since they opened earlier this year, Tre and I have been wanting to try their croissants made by famed pastry chef, Thomas Haas. 

Les Faux Bourgeois Cafe is nothing fancy. It’s a bare coffee bar with a couple of tables and chairs cramped in a small space. Luckily, it’s surrounded by large windows which brings in a lot of light and makes it a great place to people watch while enjoying a delicious croissant and some kick ass coffee.

Les Faux Bourgeois Cafe

Tre and I each ordered a croissant and shared an iced Americano. The croissants weren’t cheap at $3 a piece. You could easily get a half dozen box at a supermarket for the same price, but it wouldn’t be the same. These croissants were fresh, flaky, decadent and not at all greasy. But if you eat enough of these, you just might turn into a croissant yourself. The iced Americano ($2.25) was made with roasted, organic, fairly traded coffee. It was refreshing and went nicely with our croissants.

Our mid-day snack was perfect. And like Les Faux Bourgeois next door, we had good eats and great service —  a perfect way to end our perfect day.

Perfect for: Really good croissants and organic coffee.

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663 East 15th Avenue, Vancouver

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