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Apple Sidra

Apple Sidra is a Taiwanese apple soda that comes in a simple yellow can. It’s one of those mysterious Asian beverages that could be either hideously terrible, or surprisingly tasty. Luckily, this one is tasty. We don’t normally have any sodas in our house, but will stock up if the Apple Sidra are on sale. They don’t come cheap, at over $6 for a six pack or $4 a litre.

Apple Sidra is a carbonated drink with hints of — surprise, surprise — Apples. The color has a slight golden hue similar to beer. The soda is kind of weird, but I like it. It’s a nice alternative to the regular carbonated sodas minus the feeling of sugar rotting away at your teeth. Apple Sidra claims to be 100 percent natural, whatever that means. It’s ingredients lists: carbonated water, sugar, fructose, apple essence and citric acid which seems about the same as any other carbonated sodas besides the apple essence (maybe that’s the secret).

The only thing to watch out for is it loses carbonation quicker than most sodas, so once its open — it’s best to drink it all, which won’t be hard on a nice, hot summer day.

Perfect for: Sugar rush with a different twist.

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