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Sockeye Grill

Sockeye City Grill is a waterfront seafood restaurant right on the pier in Steveston. Normally, if we have a craving for fish and chips, Case and I would make our way a few blocks down to the end of the pier to Pajo’s — but this time, they were curiously not open, so we decided to duck into Sockeye.

We walked in the front entrance, it was empty. There was a lot of aging, early 90’s style seating in the large dining area. We waited about 10 minutes before Case decided to flag someone down to actually seat us.

All we wanted was Fish and Chips, so that’s what Case and I ordered — and I also had a glass of beer. Our largely indifferent server seemed preoccupied with the back room and scarcely made an appearance except to take our order and deliver our dishes. And because no other staff was to be seen, the restaurant appeared unoccupied except for a few tables with patrons quietly and dutifully attending to their  meals.

Our fish and chips were served on a glass plate, with a few strands of slaw. The fish was mediocre at best, under seasoned and over battered. The uniformly cut, pale-looking fries weren’t crispy and were also under seasoned. The whole scenario seemed comically sad.

Our lunch including taxes and tips came to under $30, which seemed grossly over-priced for the quality of food and service. Pajos, we won’t be unfaithful again.

Perfect for: Tourists.

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3800 Bayview Street, Richmond

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