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Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant on Main Street was, as its name suggests, once located on the corner of Cambie and King Edward — which is now home to one of the new Canada Line stations. The service has remained similar — the owner is still an overly eager host excitedly greeting customers with his distinctive catchphrase, “Hello my friend,” and finishing off every sentence he speaks with “my friend.” The host’s enthusiasm aside, we wanted to see how well the food’s quality had made with the move to its new home on Main Street.

Cambie’s Vietnamese Restaurant decor has always been a mishmash of random found objects: Christmas lights, Spanish looking knick knacks and Asian artwork are scattered all over the dining room. Wine glasses sit on top of red cloth napkins in an (unsuccessful) attempt to elevate the restaurant’s poshness. The space is bigger than the previous location but lacks the warmth and personality it once had.

(Top to bottom: 1. Prawn salad rolls. 2. Standard Vietnamese fixings: bean sprouts, lime, basil and hot peppers.)

It was empty when we walked in. An older gentleman (not the friendly guy) gestured for us to sit wherever we liked. He appeared slightly annoyed he may now actually have to do some work. Tre orders the beef noodle soup (Pho), while I order noodle soup with just beef tripe. To accompany our soup we order prawn salad rolls. The soup broth was decent, but was filled with more noodles and less meat. The prawn salad rolls were only okay. The rice wrap tasted a bit stale and over cooked, but the prawns were not bad.

Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant is known for their friendly service and ample portions. The owner will even go out of his way to customize your dish to your liking if you have particular demands. But given the number of quality Vietnamese restaurants in this city (i.e. Le Do, Pho Hoang, etc.), this place wouldn’t exactly be our first pick. I’d prefer smaller and tastier portions than volume.

Perfect for: Vietnamese noodles soup, and to be fawned upon by the friendliest guy around… if you so happen to be in the area.

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4136 Main Street, Vancouver

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