Out of TownBa Le Sandwiches (Lahaina)


Ba Le French Sandwiches, in Lahaina Cannery Mall, Maui serves a variety of Vietnamese dishes like Pho and spring rolls. As their name suggests, they also serve the Vietnamese take on a French sandwich, the Banh Mi.

Hold on, didn’t we write this post already? Ba Le in Vancouver appears to have a doppelganger in Maui — Eiffel Tower logo and all. Case and I stumbled upon Ba Le completely by accident while on our quest for bottled water and Macadamia nut Hershey Kisses.

(Above: Banh Mi. In a food court. In Maui. Yeah.)

We were too curious to pass up this opportunity, so we ordered one “special” Banh Mi sandwich and a Thai Iced Coffee (strangely enough, hey didn’t have the Vietnamese version on their menu). Disappointment set in, though, as we sunk our teeth into one of the most dense, chewy, and dry on the inside French breads ever. The ingredients appeared fresh, but the flavours didn’t seem to register — lacking sourness in the pickled vegetables, lacking heat from the peppers — and for some reason, luncheon ham (a la Oscar Mayer) showed up unwelcome.

The Thai Iced Coffee, was not bad, except it was really Vietnamese Iced Coffee posing to be Thai Iced Coffee.

Overall, it was a disappointing find. And $11 for a sandwich and a Thai iced coffee  — which might be decent for resort town prices — was certainly not worth it for anywhere else.

Perfect for: if you ever get hungry stepping into a parallel universe.

The Details

Lahaina Cannery Mall
1221 Honoapiilani Highway, Lahaina

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