Out of TownAnnie’s Island Shave Ice


Located on Prison Street in Maui, is a cute little shack called Annie’s Island Shave Ice that serves perfect shave ice topped with intense, brightly coloured syrup flavors.

Hawaiian shave ice is made from shaving whole blocks of ice. A machine produces a very fine ice shaving that resembles soft pack snow. While the ice machine spits out the shavings, a person holds and gently rotates the cup so the ice forms into a ball. The shave ice is then topped with squirts of syrup.

We ordered a small (which wasn’t all that small) with two flavors — Passion fruit and Mango. The shave ice looked pretty; the bright color of the passion fruit and mango looked almost too unreal to eat. The texture was light and fluffy. This is how I imagine snow flakes would taste like. The fruit flavors however, tasted more like sugar than actual fruit and was a bit too sweet.

(Left to right: 1. Pasionfruit and Mango Shave Ice. 2. Whimsical polka dot bucket holding Paper Napkins for wiping up dripping syrup.)

The shave ice was $4 even. Not bad considering the small wasn’t all that small. Even though Annie’s Island Shave Ice was alright, the flavours lacked a certain character and originality. But if you want to beat the heat, Annie’s Island Shave Ice is worth a try.

Perfect for: A quick get away from the sweltering heat.

The Details

113 Prison Street, Lahaina

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