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Located in a strip mall just off Honoapiilani Highway in Maui, Honokowai Ozakuya & Deli is primarily a take-out only eatery that serves a seemingly random assortment of dishes — anything from Fish and Chips to Chow Fun.

(Top to bottom: 1. The condiments on the counter pretty much sum up what Honokawai Ozakuya Deli is all about. 2. The cook hard at work.)

Inside, you can see this eatery is clearly meant for take out, or a quick bite to eat. The only seating is a small bar running down one side that might seat half a dozen people. The rest is occupied by the kitchen and a small counter to place takeout orders. The restaurant is divided by a half-height wall separating the kitchen and seating area.

(Above: Panko breaded Mahi Mahi and chips — oh, so Hawaiian.)

As Case and I attempted to read the menu board behind the proprietor, he points out a different menu to the side of the door that he assures is more descriptive. We glance over the myriad of Chinese stir fries before both our eyes land on the fish and chips: Panko Breaded Mahi Mahi.

The breading was a bit over seasoned, but the Panko gave the fish a beautiful crunch, reminding me more of a Katsu-like texture. It was coated perfectly even, and the Mahi Mahi was super tender and fresh. The Tartar sauce that accompanied it was mostly forgettable. You can easily skip it by squeezing a couple lemons over the whole platter and be done with it.

(Clockwise: 1. The Coke can is weirdly retro looking. 2. Can’t have Fish and Chips without the Tartar sauce. 3. The Mahi Mahi has a meatier texture than the standard Cod.)

At first, we thought the $16 price tag was a bit much for a single order of fish and chips. But when we realized the box came with four, fair-sized portions of fish and a whack-load of fries, we knew this was a pretty solid deal.

Perfect for: Something tasty to take on a picnic to the beach, or sneak back into your hotel.

The Details

3600 Lower Honoapiilani Road, Lahaina

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