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Trying to find parking at Yaohan Centre in Richmond can be frustrating. I don’t really have patience for drivers holding up traffic just to get a parking spot that’s 2 feet closer to the entrance. It can be especially aggravating if you’re very hungry. But the wonton noodle soup and chinese donut stuffed rice rolls at Wah Yuen Noodle in Yahoan’s food court is worth the parking lot misery.

Hon’s is often mentioned as the best wonton in Metro Vancouver, but Tre and I disagree. Wah Yuen Noodle have got this wonton thing in the bag. Big, juicy wontons filled with generous portions of prawns. Egg noodles in an oh-so-freaking good wonton broth always served piping hot. Their Chinese donut stuffed rice rolls are the bomb. Crispy, deep fried strips of dough stuffed in a soft rice roll, drenched (if you please) with peanut and hoisin sauce. These are about the best we’ve had.

What’s great about this joint is that it’s cheap. Good eats and good prices don’t always go hand in and hand. The only downside to eating at Yaohan is it isn’t well heated. And it’s not always easy finding a clean table. But that’s about all you can expect from the food fair. In this case, you can also get yummy food at cheap prices with no frills.

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3700 #3 Rd. Richmond

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