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There are a lot of Chinese fast food joints in Vancouver. So many that we almost can’t keep up. We don’t know how many of them are actually good; Tre and I are picky. And even though we like to hit different places, we often return to our usual spots — Hon’s is one of them. Hon’s is a Vancouver institution. They’ve been around for something like over thirty odd years. That’s pretty good for a restaurant, so they must be doing something right.

Tre and I used to eat at Hon’s quite a bit way back then. But with new restaurants popping up all over place, we haven’t had a chance to return. So we decided it was about time.

We ordered our usual. Pork Pot Stickers: little meat dumplings that are pan fried. The pork pot stickers were great! They taste just like how it used to be. Hon’s has the best pork pot stickers around because they seem to know how to pan fry them properly. Their Pineapple and Chicken Fried Rice was yummy. It’s not dry like the most fried rice. This dish is a little more saucy. Typically, fried rice isn’t supposed to be wet, but this fried rice is. If it was dry, I don’t think it would taste right. Unfortunately, this dish is only served at the Chinatown location as one of their specials. Other honourable mentions are: The Shanghai fried noodles and the Young Chow Fried Rice.

We found a few dishes a slight disappointment. Their congees and noodle soups weren’t as good as we remembered. We’ve definitely had better. The ambiance at Hon’s has never been anything special, but we’ve noticed that it’s gone slightly down hill. We’ve had to exchange our bowls and utensils for cleaner ones and our napkins were dirty. I don’t think Tre and I will return as much as we used to, but if we’re in the mood for some pot stickers and fried rice, we know where to go.

The Details

1339 Robson Street, Vancouver

268 Keefer Street, Vancouver

4600 No.3 Rd, Richmond

408 6th Street, New Westminster

310 -3025 Lougheed Highway, Coquitlam BC
Sunwood Square


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