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After a hard afternoon of stomping around gastown, we occasionally like to unwind a bit with a nice cup of coffee and a sweet thing on the side. Brioche is a bustling, bohemian coffee shop and bakery on Cordova, just on the edge of Gastown. Two sets of lonely patio tables with seating guard the entrance just outside the cafe.

The inside is cramped with poor air circulation. The front doors are wide open pushing ice cold wind into the sauna-like atmosphere. Up front, the display refrigerator showcases all sorts of sugary goodness, each artfully placed on their own slab of marble: slices of pies, cakes, brownies and all kinds of tarts.

Case and I ordered two single-shot espressos and a lemon tart. The espressos were surprisingly terrible. We’ve had the espressos before, but today they were particularly bitter, acidic and sour. Luckily the lemon tart saved the entire experience from spiraling completely downward; it was perfectly creamy, sweet with the right amount of tartness.

The baked goods are generally pretty solid, so I’m giving the coffee a pass this time.

The Details

401 West Cordova St, Vancouver
Vancouver, BC V6B

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