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Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine

Richmond is a haven for Chinese food since so many restaurants and markets are centrally located. One such restaurant is Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine in Richmond Centre. The mall atmosphere adds to the already chaotic Chinese restaurant experience. The fancy red sign outside the entrance and elaborate window display makes the restaurant look more like an art gallery. The huge bling bling chandelier hanging above the middle of the room and white linen covered table and chairs let’s you know you’re about to drop big coin on some fancy shit.

Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine

Tre and I arrived during dim sum. We’re tired, having made a long journey home from the States on a flat tire. The morning wasn’t quite starting off right. But we’re hoping Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine will lessen our hunger pains and turn it around. After a twenty minute wait, we’re seated and ordered some dishes: shrimp rice rolls, beef balls, beef tripe, chicken feet and egg tarts. The host happily takes our order sheet and our food arrives fairly quickly. All the dishes were decent but nothing special. For just under $5 bucks a dish, I was hoping for a little more taste and flavor. And perhaps some fancy art?

Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine has excellent service, and that’s what you’re paying for. As for the actual dim sum, there are many places in Vancouver and Richmond that is less expensive and more tasty. We did quickly glance at their dinner menu, which had some interesting and tasty looking dishes to try, so we may be back to try out the dinner.

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Rolling like a baller with top-notch service and over-priced dim sum.

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Richmond Centre
6551 No.3 Road, Richmond

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