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Taco Shack attempts to bring Californian style Mexican food to the sun-bleached shores of the Kitsilano neighborhood. The dearth of good Mexican food in Vancouver has left Case and I on the perpetual lookout for some good south-of-south-of-the-border cuisine.

We entered the shack. The lone server/cashier stared at us with blank eyes; expressionless. Despite the bright weather, stepping inside brought our entire vibe down a few notches. Undaunted, Case and I proceeded to order Nachos with salsa and the Fish Tacos.

The nachos were — well — nothing special. The salsa, however, had some great flavours and was certainly homemade, which was a nice change of pace from the usual bottled dribble served at many restaurants. The fish tacos were unfortunately, poorly assembled; the watery sauce soaked into the tortilla and rendered it as sturdy as a wet paper napkin. Eating the meal was near impossible as sauce and vegetable alike dripped all over. On the inside, the fish and the sauce was under seasoned, lacking any distinguishable flavour.

The meal set us back under $15. With the exception of the salsa, the overall experience was completely forgettable.

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Not a whole lot, really.

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1935 Cornwall Ave, Vancouver

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