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Little Tea House

Bubble Tea houses have become about as ubiquitous as Sushi restaurants and Starbucks (okay, it hasn’t quite reached that epidemic level, but its getting there). As the cultural landscape of Vancouver shifts, so too does its culinary tastes. So in addition to the old standbys: 7-11 Slurpees, DQ Blizzards, or plain old Ice Cream Cones — we now have many tasty alternatives to cooling down: Halo Halo, Ice Plates, Asian fruit slushes and of course Bubble Tea. When the temperature starts heading north of 28 degrees, Case and I make our pilgrammage to Little Tea House, one of the original Bubble Tea Houses to open up in Vancouver.

The original Richmond location has long since closed — but we’ve discovered the Metrotown franchise (near the Superstore) to be the most consistent in quality. Our beverage of choice — isn’t really a beverage at all. The Hong Kong Style Red Bean slush is basically sweetened red bean topped with milk blended with ice and tapioca pearls added for good measure (if that’s your thing).

The creamy, icy slush is then stirred to create a magically refreshing escape from the summer heat. Many Bubble Tea shops offer their version of the HK Style Red Bean — Case and I believe the Little Tea House in Metrotown are the only ones that get it right.

Perfect for:

Relief form the summer heat — in a plastic cup to go.

The Details

Metropolis at Metrotown
4700 Kingsway, Burnaby

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