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PHAT stands for Pretty Hot And Tasty. Forgive the cheesy acronym. The food here is actually good. I promise. PHAT is a Montreal-style smoked meat sandwich shop, famous for its mile-high stacks of smoked meat, yam fries and during the on-season, the occasional Canuck sighting. Luongo and Linden in particular have been rumoured to dine here.

You can order the sandwich fat or skinny (translation: large or small). The only discerning difference being one stack of meat is noticeably larger than the other stack. We get the dark rye with hot mustard. Unlike most rye I’ve had, this dark rye has a meaty flavour, but is remarkably soft and fluffy. The rye I’m accustomed to is dry, brittle and has the consistency of back alley cardboard. The smoked meat is extremely tender and well-seasoned. All their sandwiches come with a slice of crunchy, kosher dill pickle.

We accompanied our order with the seemingly ubiquitous yam fries. Despite its trendy popularity, we still enjoy the sweet and savoury crunch of well prepared yam fries — especially with a side of garlic mayo. Our meal is rounded off with a thirst quenching strawberry lemonade — a wickedly refreshing beverage. The sandwiches are a bit pricey at $7.50 and up, but it’s pretty good value for Yaletown.

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1055 Mainland Street, Vancouver

1859 West 4th Ave, Vancouver

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