FiveFive Places to Score Chicken and Waffles in Vancouver

Chicken and Waffles is a soul food dish hailing from the United States and popularized by institutions like Los Angeles’ Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. This most unlikely pair of savoury, crispy fried chicken and light, fluffy waffle accompanied by syrup has made its way up North to the streets of Vancouver. Here are 5 places you can score a plate of Southern soul:

1. Havanas

The decidedly modern presentation from Havanas doesn’t detract from the down home flavour of the crispy chicken breast, served sliced and layered with quarters of fluffy waffles dusted with icing sugar.

2. Deacon’s Corner

The batter at Deacon’s Corner is thicker and less crispy, but the chicken is tender — stacked whole over a crispy yet, fluffy pancake. Served with a pat of butter, syrup and a generous dusting of icing.

3. Portland Craft

Portland Craft eschews the single breast meat, opting for the bone-in leg and thigh cuts. The batter was crispy and nicely spiced, while the cake-like Belgian style waffle played the sweet yin to the savoury yang of the chicken. Gravy and a slice of watermelon accompany the meal.

4. Rumpus Room

Rumpus Room takes the boneless approach, with a mix of white and dark meat pieces in a crispy seasoned batter served with a side of apple sauce. Unlike everyone else on this list, Rumpus shaped their waffles square, which had precisely zero impact on its fluffiness.

5. Two Chefs and Table

The single piece, whole chicken breast at Two Chefs and a Table is light on the seasoning. But sits atop a beautifully crafted artisanal waffle topped with candied pecans and syrup.

Bonus: Screen Door

Although nowhere near our city limits, we’d be remiss to not include Screen Door in Portland: two and a half pieces of crispy battered, tender chicken breast stacked on top of a sweet, fluffy waffle — served with a knife driven down the centre. It’s worth the 600km drive.


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