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If a bunch of lifelong friends recently graduated from college came into some money and decided to start up a business so all their other college buddies could come by and hang out — it would probably look a lot like The Rumpus Room on Main Street. Equal parts 70’s kitsch, hipster watering hole, and classic comfort food factory.

(Above: The cluttered and kitschy 70s inspired decor at the Rumpus Room.)

Inside, the distinctive retro decor makes you feel like you’ve just fallen into a throw away set from That 70’s show. Near the front entrance is a living room setup complete with a pair of old, comfy couches and a coffee table set up with board games.

(Above: Chicken and Waffles — in Vancouver? Why yes, there is.)

The menu at Rumpus Room reads like the standard cookbook for comfort food that matches the era’s decor: from meatloaf to macaroni and cheese. I spied with my little eye, something crispy, savoury and sweet — Chicken and Waffles. Rumpus Room’s take on this classic soul food starts with crispy, fluffy waffles topped with crispy, boneless fried chicken and served with a side of syrup and apple sauce. Although it was nice to see our old friend again, the chicken was a bit drier than it looked, but that was easily remedied with a dash of syrup.

(Above: A Rumpus Room just wouldn’t be a rumpus room without beer. A keg would be more apropos, but on tap will do just fine.)

Case ordered the veggie burger — a patty of vegetables and couscous-like grain sloppily shaped like a grade-school science project served with a side of crispy yam fries and tangy garlic mayo. Despite an appearance that only a mother could love, the veggie burger was quite tasty with a beautiful blend of spices and textures.

(Above: The Rumpus Room’s homemade veggie burger looks like some grade school classroom project.)

No comfort food meal would be complete without classic dessert. Although Rumpus Room had some more contemporary (and intriguing) deep fried treats (i.e. mars bars, etc.), we headed straight for the homemade apple pie a la mode — a generously portioned, crispy crust pie stuffed with spiced apples slices, and topped with vanilla ice cream.

(Above: Rumpus Room apple pie a la mode.)

Our meal came to $42 including taxes, tip and a pint of draft beer — a considerable bargain given the heart and soul put into the food and the atmosphere. Of course the chicken and waffles didn’t quite measure up to those we’ve had elsewhere, but we still give them an A for effort.

Perfect for: a Main Street comfort food romp.

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2689 Main Street, Vancouver

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