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!Unfortunately, Coma Food Truck was unable to secure one of the few permanent location licenses for food trucks and has called it quits to pursue a culinary education in New York.

Coma is an acronym for Korean-Mexican-American — the fusion of cuisine that’s offered at this mobile food stand. They make no bones about being inspired by the world famous Kogi BBQ truck in Los Angeles, but given that the latter is a few thousand kilometers away, we can easily overlook any similarities (if there are any).

(Above: Kimchi Quesadilla — stuffed with tofu, cheese, vegetables, kimchi and drizzled with Coma’s own Korean style salsa roja.)

We first found Coma roaming Kitsilano’s West 4th neighbourhood. Our palette was whetted with the Kimchi Quesadilla, which are exactly as they sound — crispy fried tortillas stuffed with tofu, vegetables, cheese, kimchi and drizzled with Coma’s own Korean style salsa roja. The result is a hearty snack that somehow manages to blend well together.

(Above: The Kalbi burger is a big burger with Korean sensibilities. Served with fries.)

The Kabli burger is a newer item on their menu. It starts off pretty harmless — a nice, thick, beef patty with cheese, tomato, lettuce and a sesame seed bun. Sound familiar? Then they throw on some of that sweet Kimchi mix, and that’s all she wrote. The flavours marry remarkably well for such a simple upgrade — but they did it right by getting the basics down pat first.

(Above: The Kimchi fried rice topped with a fried egg and dusted with sesame seeds.)

The Kimchi fried rice is the kind of street food we had always imagined chowing down on when we think of street food. The nicely fried mix of rice, sweet kimchi is topped with a fried egg. Solid.

Menu items run anywhere between $5 to under $10 — a pretty tasty and reasonably priced alternative to any fast food joint. The Coma guys seem to have lost their permanent location, but follow them on Twitter @ComaFoodTruck to follow them for real.


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