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Chronic Tacos is the latest American import to make its way up North, settling on West Broadway, near the Canada Line station. This Tex-Mex franchise feels more like a cross between a sports bar and mid-level fast food joint serving up American style tacos and burritos in a testosterone fueled environment.

Chronic Tacos takes a lot of cues from California culture from the weed-referenced name, the extreme sport sponsorships (a la skate clothing brands), to the delinquent looking staff with baseball caps carefully tipped to the side — all in a slick, sports-bar atmosphere surround by flatscreen televisions playing the latest sports game.

The menu is typical and consists of staples like Burritos, Nachos and Enchiladas. Although they do step out a bit with the addition of items like Tortas and Tamales. The weed references don’t stop, as they serve not just any tacos, but Fatty Tacos.

Case and I ordered four fatties: two fish, and two shrimp, one each deep fried and grilled. The tacos come double wrapped in over-sized, soft tortillas and loaded with fixings like cabbage, salsa, cheese, and their very own Baja sauce.

We expected to love the deep fried versions, but found ourselves favouring the grilled, as the marinade and flavour stood out more, while the batter seemed to overshadow its deep fried brethran. You won’t get the complex and subtle flavours found at La Taqueria or Dona Cata, but the ingredients are fresh, well prepared and tasty. It’s an absolute mess to eat, though, so get your paper napkins ready.

At around $22 for 4 tacos and a Coke, it’s not the cheapest deal in town, but it won’t break the bank either. Despite their hoodlum-like appearance, the staff is extremely friendly, helpful and down to earth. It’s the perfect post, pre, or mid-game meal.

Perfect for: when you get the munchies.

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382 West Broadway, Vancouver

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