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Stepho’s Greek Taverna on West End’s Davie Street is a popular Greek restaurant well known for it’s long line ups, large portions and cheap prices.

Normally, big portions means poor quality. In most cases that is true, but not with Stepho’s. They’ve been pretty consistent each time we’ve done take out orders. We phone in 15 minutes ahead and — boom — our order is ready for pick up.

(Above: The roast lamb dinner, fully equipped with rice, greek salad, vegetable briami and roasted potatoes.)

Tre and I have tried almost everything on the menu. But we often share the tavernas specialty, roast lamb served with roast potatoes, rice pilaf, vegetable briami, Greek salad and a pita. The roast lamb is a pretty generous size and the tender, succulent meat that’s been slow roasting all day, falls off the bone.

The accompaniments are equally hearty: the rice pilaf is nice and buttery, scattered with mini cubes of carrots and peas for added texture; the vegetable briami is a roasted mix of green beans, carrots, and onions; and finally, the Greek salad refreshes with cucumber, tomatoes, olives, onions, jalapenos and sprinkled feta cheese. We usually order a side of yummy, garlicky tazaki for dipping with extra pita.

(Top to bottom: 1. Tzaziki. 2. Pita.)

Our bill including taxes comes to just under $17, which is pretty good for two people. We’ve eaten at Stepho’s before, but the service wasn’t all that great. We’d recommend bypassing the hour-long lineup and do take out instead.

Perfect for: No frills, Greek alternative to fast food take out.

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1124 Davie Street

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