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La Taqueria Taco Shop

La Taqueria Taco Shop is nestled amongst the graffiti-riddled storefronts in Downtown Vancouver bordering East and West Hastings. The distinctively purple and yellow shaded spray-painted imagery of a rose and the Virgin Mary on the front facade blends effortlessly into the gritty landscape as the busy heads of hard-at-work chefs prepare freshly made tacos in plain view of passerbys.

La Taqueria Taco Shop

The folks at La Taqueria prepare what they refer to as pinche Tacos inside this narrow, brick-lined eatery. We sat near the back with a picturesque view of the back alley side by side with other eager patrons along a bar that runs the length of the restaurant (there are no tables here). We ordered this quartet: The Asada with nicely seasoned and grilled AAA flank beef with cucumber; Al Pastor — Chilliwack pork marinated in chile, achiote & sweetened ever so gently with pineapple; Frijoles Charros Con Queso — refried cowboy beans melted with mexican cheese; and finally Pescado — grilled seasonal fish spiked with pico de gallo. All this goodness is wrapped in a freshly made, soft corn tortilla.

Opposite the kitchen sits a jalapeno pepper and pickled onion bar which you can add to season your tacos as you please. We had a bottle of Jarritos Mandarin soda, a refreshingly sugary and sparkly compliment to our meal.

La Taqueria Taco Shop

The food is freshly prepared with local ingredients resulting in a variety of far more interesting flavour combinations than your standard Tex-Mex affair. Our meal came to $14 including taxes and tips, which is an awesome deal.

Perfect for:

Something quick, cheap and good on the border of East/West Hastings that won’t likely get you arrested.

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322 West Hastings Street, Vancouver

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