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Trixi’s is a crepe and coffee joint in the heart of the Cambie village. They keep good company within walking distances of The Wooden Shoe, Stella and Pied a Terre and Cafe Gloucester. But if you want crepes — you’ll need to drop by Trixi’s.

(Clockwise: 1. Cinnamon Apple, Brie & Almond Crepe. 2. Really, really good drip coffee. 3. Confidence and Pride in what they do.)

Case and I have passed Trixi’s, it’s bright green sandwich board serving as a beacon on the sidewalk beckoning all hungry passerbys to come in. The modest exterior belies the homey interior complete with pairs of upholstered wooden-frame chairs bookending a simple, round table lining one side of the dining room. A cooler stocked with various canned and bottled drinks proudly proclaims, “Paninis.” A plastic, Black and Decker playset sits next to the cooler — something to occupy the little ones as Mommy and Daddy sit down to a nice quiet breakfast of crepe and coffee.

(Top to Bottom: 1. Nutella Crepe — the good old standby. 2. Ice Cream artwork adorns the outside walls.)

I went for the savoury: a Ham, Egg and Swiss cheese crepe, while Case opted for the sweet: Cinnamon Apple, Brie and Roasted Almonds. The crepes both arrived looking deceptively uniform. But the moment we took a bite, we could taste the harmonious blend of flavour: smoky ham, delicate egg and subtle swiss cheese complimented the crepe without overpowering it. Case’s crepe was equally good with the savoury brie playing nicely of the sweet cinnamon apple.

Accompanying our meal with two cups of quite possibly the best drip coffees we’ve had. Although our crepes were tasty, a giant, framed photo of a Nutella crepe hanging next to us was calling our name. After two solid seconds of debate, we ordered a Nutella crepe to share — and it was unsurprisingly satisfying — positively heavenly when paired with our coffee.

Our meal, including three crepes, two coffees, taxes and tips came to just $30. The proprietor and staff are a friendly and down-to-earth bunch which makes Trixi’s a nice spot for breakfast or brunch.

Perfect for: a Relaxing brunch in Cambie Village.

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3306 Cambie Street, Vancouver

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